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Trevor Vallender 60e1f72a45 Add journals to Jobs to track changes
Redmine uses journals to track changes to Issues. Whilst theoretically a
polymorphic association, there are a bunch of places where it is assumed
this is an issue, so we have to account for that and start patching

Refs #3320
2024-02-27 17:30:50 +00:00
Trevor Vallender c2e16d729d Allow markup in job descriptions
Refs #2863
2024-01-21 16:07:41 +00:00
Trevor Vallender f79603dd46 Link to time logs from job show page
Refs #2862
2024-01-21 15:22:30 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 61ce2d0901 Bugfix: Allow time log outside of project context
Fixes an issue where opening the log time page at the top-level causes
errors due to expecting a project to be set.

Refs #2804
2024-01-17 18:49:05 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 472d2b0479 Add jobs to time reports
Refs #2771
2024-01-16 13:10:16 +00:00
Trevor Vallender bf2a207429 Allow bulk edit of job on time entries
Refs #2188
2024-01-09 09:20:44 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 80d3bc8454 Correct view dir name
Refs #2188
2024-01-09 08:43:24 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 3b109aa9a7 Add errors to jobs show page
This means we can see the errors when deletion fails.

Refs #2654
2024-01-09 08:27:14 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 213cc31275 Stop using issue class on jobs
Refs #2185
2023-12-19 09:44:26 +00:00
Trevor Vallender a74d1ad2ea Allow sorting/grouping by jobs
This takes affect in the time entry view.
2023-12-07 13:44:10 +00:00
Trevor Vallender bcb669745e Remove unique constraint on Job name
Refs #2186
2023-12-05 14:28:42 +00:00
Trevor Vallender a71ffbcacc Auto-assign time to jobs
If a job is not specified, a reasonable choice will be made.

Refs #2111
2023-12-05 14:25:24 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 40eb43e0c5 Make Jobs a module
Should be disable-able on projects.

Closes #2180
2023-12-04 13:44:59 +00:00
Trevor Vallender d81982cd20 Fix CSS on jobs show page
Stop using the issue class inappropriately

Closes #2185
2023-12-04 13:31:19 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 543dc1572a Allow inputting blank job on time entry
Closes #2189
2023-12-04 13:10:10 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 14c8f6633d Only show active jobs when logging time
Closes #2110
2023-12-04 13:07:08 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 244c8f1a07 Various small fixes
Particularly prevents blowing up on validation error

Completes #2187
2023-12-04 13:04:51 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 3e04193d16 Auto-assign logged time to budgets
Now that users have a "budget category" assigned to them, we can show
time logged against the correct budget.

Refs #2165
2023-11-30 19:51:21 +00:00
Trevor Vallender a697bbf7be Assign users default time log categories
These will be used to show the amount logged against specific time
budgets on each project. It’s potentially a little naïve but we can
start with the simpler approach and see.

Refs #2165
2023-11-30 19:50:20 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 08b49a4263 Add categories to jobs 2023-11-30 19:08:55 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 983e6a3b6a Time budgets use categories, not activities
Refs #2142
2023-11-30 17:38:09 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 6bc0ef80fb Add Budget Category enumeration
Replacing ‘activity’ on budget type with this—they should come from a
user’s role rather than the activity. Going with a generic name though
so this can change over time.
2023-11-30 17:17:10 +00:00
Trevor Vallender b93204d126 Remove external project ID
If we _do_ integrate with an external service, a different plugin should
add that.

Resolves #2164
2023-11-30 16:50:56 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 62d924dadc Filter on jobs in time reports
Completes #2107
2023-11-27 14:20:28 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 0a265fbbce Use standard Redmine progress bars
Proper HTML ones would be nicer, but this increases consistency with the
rest of Redmine which is more important here. Maybe a PR is in the
2023-11-27 08:55:57 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 5d5ea8e302 Fix dependent relationships on Job 2023-11-27 07:53:55 +00:00
Trevor Vallender d83c3b3e48 Update paths
Use the much nicer /project/:project_id/jobs format
2023-11-26 20:52:05 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 1c032cc42e Fix permissions and form variables 2023-11-26 20:25:27 +00:00
Trevor Vallender c8c7c195e8 Allow time budgets without an activity 2023-11-24 17:02:12 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 4b83753e71 Time budgets per activity
Add a TimeBudget model which allows a job to have a time budget for each
activity type. We’re allowing nil as a holder for a generic budget,
though there’s currently no way to use that.

We automatically delete any time budgets which are set to zero.
2023-11-24 15:05:38 +00:00
Trevor Vallender c6cb6fa64d Let subprojects view their parents’ jobs 2023-11-22 20:11:25 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 9294216abc Restyle views
This increases consistency with the rest of Redmine.
2023-11-22 19:52:50 +00:00
Trevor Vallender afcb4c3ccc Show jobs in time entries view 2023-11-22 19:44:13 +00:00
Trevor Vallender de3762bf1c todo updates 2023-11-21 15:10:02 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 1d4744f108 Show logged time on jobs 2023-11-21 14:37:11 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 73d3066b74 Fix job redirects 2023-11-21 14:09:51 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 6b1646e180 Associate time entries with a job 2023-11-21 14:01:09 +00:00
Trevor Vallender 2384c4eb00 wip 2023-11-21 12:14:34 +00:00
Trevor Vallender dbeaf3973d Initial commit 2023-11-21 10:48:46 +00:00