A minimal code review system for git
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git-cr is a code review system which works at the commit, rather than PR, level. It is designed for use by teams practising trunk-based development, where reviews take place after code is merged. If this sounds crazy, see my blog post on the topic.

git-cr stores code reviews in the same repository as your code, using git notes. It allows you to review commits in your own editor, with no other special tooling. Its designed to be incredibly minimal and meet you where you are.

git-cr is a collection of BASH scripts, and should run on any UNIX-like system.

git-cr is very new and not ready for any kind of use!


git cr n # Review the currently checked out commit

Features coming soon

  • List reviews on your commits only
  • Tag necessary actions in reviews
    • List actions needed
    • Hook in your ticketing system to automatically make tickets from requested actions

Features coming maybe

  • Improved editor support for working with review files